Torremolinos and Emaus sign agreement to help the community

© Kondor 83 / Shutterstock
Preparing soup.

THE TORREMOLINOS Town Council has signed an agreement with the charity Emaus, which helps all young and old in difficulty, so that they can prepare food in the town hall. The town council will also take responsibility for the delivery of the food to people with mobility problems and lack of resources.

Until now, the food has been made in the Centro de Convivencia (centre of communal living) of the Hogar el Pozuelo and delivered by Civil Protection volunteers. However, the council felt that the Civil Protection organisation shouldn’t be responsible for delivering food except in cases of extreme emergency.

For this reason, after studying various options, the Welfare councillor, Jesus Diaz, confirmed to representatives of Emaus that they can guarantee good service and good distribution, which is the most important thing. Additionally, said the councillor, “the breakfast, lunch and dinner menu will be planned by a nutritionist.”


The social kitchen of Emaus has a vehicle with isothermic containers for cold and heat, so they can transport the food while maintaining its desired temperature, and additionally they don’t have to undertake a number of journeys so it’s guaranteed that the food will arrive to its destinations in good condition.


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