A day at the beach for people’s protest plans

© Sebastian Musto.
BEACH PROTEST: The crowd later dispersed to form a human chain.

Over 5,000 people gathered on the beach at Son Serra de Marina in the north of Mallorca to protest plans for allowing beach bars, umbrellas and sun beds on this natural slice of paradise.

Organisers of SOS Son Serra, mainly neighbours from the urbanisation, had organised the event to form a human chain on the beach and convince the local council to change their mind.

Mateu Matas Xuri, a well-known ‘glosador’ from Mallorca, was on hand to animate the crowd with rhyming poetry commenting on the situation. The text he wrote and presented reminded those present that this particular beach deserves to be protected from speculation and building and with that in mind, the crowd dispersed to form a human chain along the beach.

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However, the neighbouring council of Arta are requesting that the coastal authorities confirm whether that part of the beach does indeed belong to Santa Margalida Council.


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