What were the top 10 shows on UK television over Christmas?

DOWNTON ABBEY: Top programme with 10.92m viewers.

NOW that we’ve all been through the Antiques Roadshow-​led Sunday blues and gone back to work or school, we can reveal what were truly the biggest TV shows this Christmas. 

The consolidated ratings figures have come in, and ITV’s final ever instalment of Downton Abbey​ (until a movie comes out) was the top programme with 10.92 million viewers, when catchup and +1 numbers are also included. 

BBC One’s Christmas Day episode of Mrs Brown’s Boys​ was second with 9.49m, followed by Call the Midwife​ with 9.30m and Stick Man​ with 9.28m. Doctor Who​ suffered its lowest Christmas ratings to date with 7.69m, but it still managed to beat all the soaps. The biggest soap during the festive period was the Christmas Day edition of EastEnders​ with 7.67m on BBC One. 


The top 10 in full for the week ending December 27 is as follows: Downton Abbey (ITV, December 25, 8.45pm) – 10.92m. Mrs Brown’s Boys (BBC One, December 25, 9.45pm) – 9.49m. Call the Midwife (BBC One, December 25, 7.30pm) – 9.30m. Stick Man (BBC One, December 25, 4.50pm) – 9.28m. And Then There Were None (BBC One, December 26, 9pm) – 8.61m. Strictly Come Dancing (BBC One, December 25, 6.15pm) – 8.54m. Doctor Who – (BBC One, December 25, 5.15pm) – 7.69m. And Then There Were None (BBC One, December 27, 9pm) – 7.68m. EastEnders (BBC One, December 25, 8.45pm) – 7.67m. Coronation Street (ITV, December 21, 7.30pm) – 7.64m.

Aside from Hollyoaks, Midsomer is the deadliest TV county in history. Even Dexter would think twice about living there. However, fans were beyond shocked upon the ITV drama’s return earlier this month to find out that no-one actually died for once. Outrage! It should be renamed Midsomer Everything’s Fine immediately. 

After 105 episodes and over 300 deaths, the missing victim turned up alive and well by the end of the episode. Now that’s a twist. Over the years, we’ve witnessed UFOs, exercise bike electrocutions and Martine McCutcheon killed by cheese, but we definitely didn’t expect this.

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