Owners of Oliva beach homes have regained their rights

© Juan Escriva.
OLIVA HOMES: Many properties adjoin the beach.

FIFTY owners of homes adjoining Oliva beach have regained their rights. These were withdrawn from Sector 5 frontline properties when the Coastal Authority in 2010 set out the obligatory protection zone, measured from the high-water mark and six-metre strip of public right-of-way.

Building is barred within this zone and owners need permission from Valencia’s Coastal Demarcation department to extend properties or make alterations to them.

Oliva Town Hall appealed to the Environment Ministry which has now authorised the Demarcation department to modify the Sector 5 protection zone.  

The six-metre right-of-way strip will continue to be respected but no longer merges with the Sector 5 homes.


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