Let’s talk about the weather in La Nucia

Rain in La Nucia.

MORE rain fell on La Nucia in 2015 than it did in 2014 – and that’s official! Figures show that throughout the year 344 litres per square metre were measured. That’s 60 per cent more than in 2014, when only 132 litres were recorded. 

The wettest month of the year was September, with 113 litres, which was close to the entire rainfall for 2014 (132 litres).

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November 2 saw the heaviest downpour, when 77 litres per square metre fell in just two hours.

The monthly figures were as follows; January, 9 litres, February 16 litres, March 31 litres, April 4 litres, May 1 litre, June 5 litres, July 1 litre, August 13 litres, September 113 litres, October 70 litres, November 81 litres and December 0 litres.

More details can be found on La Nucia’s municipal website: http://www.lanucia.es/castellano/pluviometro/


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