Brits arrested as three tonnes of cocaine seized

© Couperfield via Shutterstock

REPORTS are coming in that eight British citizens have been arrested after Spanish police seized a massive haul of cocaine estimated to have a street value of half a billion pounds.

The drugs were discovered in Galicia, in the north of Spain while a total of 12 suspects were arrested in Malaga, with Dutch criminals attempting to sell the narcotics to a British crime group based in the Costa del Sol. 

National Police said this was the biggest land seizure of cocaine in Galicia Province since 1999, with the figure rivalling Britain’s biggest ever drug bust of a £500 million shipment in the waters of Aberdeen in April last year.


Known as the end destination of the ‘cocaine superhighway’, Galicia has had a long and turbulent relationship with the drug with the legendary Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar having contacted Galician tobacco smugglers as far back as the early 1980s to discuss the trans-Atlantic drug trade. 


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