What to write about?

MARINA: I pondered writing about the expensive boats you see in the Costa Blanca.

A FEW subjects paraded through my Sauvignon Blanc-ed mind, then I fell asleep

During the winter months, there is nothing I like more than a good long soak in a hot bath. Well that’s not strictly true, there are other things that I like much more, but space and modesty prevents me from enlarging on that.

I regard it as pure luxury to lie back with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc, up to my neck in soap suds, listening to the honeyed tones of Nat King Cole or Deep Purple on my iPod. I have eclectic musical tastes.


It’s a place where I can formulate new world shattering wheezes, compose brilliant pieces for my column, and reminisce about times gone by and people I have known.  

I can also play submarines with a half empty shampoo bottle and a water pistol I purchased from our local Bazaar Chino, as I did yesterday before the Princess came in and took them off me.  She can be so childish at times. The rug would have dried out eventually.

Anyway there I was wondering what to write about next week.

I pondered about the amount of expensive boats you see in any marina along the Costa Blanca, and the fact that some of them never seem to move from one month to the next.  

I also thought that maybe I should do one more piece about Christmas, but then decided that the subject was about done to death.

The Syrian crisis, mass immigration, the latest Strictly Come Dancing series, and the HM Revenue and Customs self assessment website that makes Einstein’s theory of relativity look like Play School , all paraded through my Sauvignon Blanc-ed mind as possibilities.  

But then I must have fallen asleep.

I woke up in water that was so cold, I would not have been surprised to see icebergs bobbing around my extremities. Then resembling a giant raisin on legs, I hopped from the tub and realised that I was no closer to any firm ideas for next week’s EWN.


  1. Heheh. Re Sauvignon Blanc Colin, I’ve just been reading that doctors say it is no longer safe to drink any alcohol at all. Apparently even a single glass of wine raises the risk of getting cancer.

    This got me thinking about carcinogens in general. Apparently a glass of mineral water’s mildly radioactive and therefore carcinogenic. So don’t drink mineral water. It’s too risky. Apparently everything we eat contains carcinogenic substances to some degree or other. So I reckon we should give up eating. It’s too risky. Even a single morsel of food is no longer safe. And what about the air we breathe? It’s absolutely full of carcinogens – everything from car exhausts to radioactive particles. Better stop breathing. It’s too risky.

    So now we know how to avoid cancer and live longer. Don’t drink, don’t eat, and don’t breathe!

    And yet, despite continuing to drink eat and breathe we’re living longer than ever before? How come?

    Brian Eagleson


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