Basque chef Aitor Basabe dies on Christmas Eve

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Basque chef Aitor Basabe.

WELL known Basque chef Aitor Basabe, who with his wife Ana Larrea opened the Arbolagaña Restaurant inside the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum in 2001, was reported missing in the early hours of Christmas Eve.

Officers of the Guardia Civil reported that his car was discovered near to La Borbolla in Asturias and, after a search, his body was discovered nearby later that day.

At this stage there has been no information released concerning the cause of his death but there is also no apparent suggestion that his death was due to anything other than natural causes and until such time as an inquest is held, no definitive cause can be established.


Colleagues and staff from the restaurant have left a brief but moving message about the deceased chef on the restaurants Facebook page.


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