Balearics National Police complaints

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LACK OF EQUIPMENT: One of the main problems officers complain about.

THE Unified Police Union (SUP) representing the Balearic National Police released a statement last week, in which they condemned the difficulties experienced in carrying out their duties.  

Complaints such as a lack of equipment, loss of manpower, corruption and lack of transparency formed the backdrop for a subsequent concentration by members.

The union called for more equipment claiming that more than 50 per cent of officers do not carry a bullet proof jacket.  


In light of the recent Paris terrorist attacks, they would be unable to defend themselves in the event of such an attack.

The union shared that worker’s rights were not respected, neither were they happy that promotions and merits were not carried out in a transparent or statutory manner.  

After four years of empty election promises, the demonstration was held to defend the rights of the National Police.


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