Balearics broken as expats are excluded


The Balearic Islands are now as split politically as they are physically with each of the four main parties now sending representatives to Madrid. 

Despite winning a majority in Palma, the PP slid to just 28.1 per cent across Mallorca while insurgent anti-austerity party Podemos captured 24.78 per cent. Both Podemos and the third-placed Socialist party will send two deputies to Congress while the PP has three and Ciudadanos just one. 

Mallorcan coalition Més saw a sizeable section of their support flock to the emergent Podemos, winning just 5.75 per cent and gaining no representation in the capital. 


With no party winning a national majority and a doubtlessly long period of tense negotiations and instability on the horizon, one can only wonder what impact a million-strong expat resident vote would have had, and whether a change in voting rights will be a part of the new politics promised.


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