Another terrorist attack foiled in France

© Frederic Legrand – Comeo Shutterstock
French police searching for terrorists.

BERNARD Cazeneuve French Interior minister announced on December 22 that police have thwarted a planned terrorist attack on army and police personnel in the Orleans area.

According to his statement, two men, aged 20 and 24, who are thought to be controlled by a Frenchman based in Syria were arrested on December 19 and were being held for questioning.

His announcement, made in Toulouse in the south of France, included information that 10 attacks had been foiled in France so far this year, and that 3,414 people had been refused entry into France since a state of emergency was declared in the wake of the Paris attacks, “due to the risk they present to security and public order”.


It is believed that the two men, one of whom was known to the police as a minor criminal, had raised money and were at the time of their arrest looking to purchase weapons so that they could undertake their planned attack.


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