Chained dogs denounced by animal rights group

© Tony Alter, Flickr
CHAINED UP: Neighbours have had to feed the animals now and again.

THE Animal Association of the Balearic Islands (ASSAIB) denounced for the second time this week, the deplorable situation of two abandoned dogs in Inca. 

The first complaint was brought to the attention of the local authorities back in July 2014 and although the Local Police went and investigated the complaint, nothing changed. Neighbours suspect that a third dog has already died from neglect in the past year.

ASSAIB reported that both dogs are permanently tied with chains and that the chains are too short. It seems that the neighbours have had to feed the animals from time to time although this has not been enough to avoid malnutrition. The smell of animal faeces and urine reaches the street and large amounts of rubbish have been left.


It is feared that one of the animals will soon be dead as the animal’s health has deteriorated significantly in the last few days. Both the town council and the Guardia Civil have been advised. “The authorities are not doing their job and they need to act now if these animals are going to survive,” said a spokesperson for the association.




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