Russian Anti-Doping Agency resigns en masse

© - wikimedia
President Putin with Russian athletes.

JUST a few hours after Vladimir Putin appeared at a news conference on December 17, where he stated that Russia would help eradicate the use of drugs in sports, the entire senior management of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) resigned.

The mass resignations come after a supervisory board which was set up just one week ago, recommended that all top management of RUSADA resign immediately,  and following this Anna Antseliovich was appointed acting CEO.

Mr Putin has clearly taken the suspension of RUSADA by the World Anti-Doping Agency very seriously and indicated in his press conference that he was dedicated to the eradication of the use of illicit substances by Russian athletes. 


He wants to see those who are guilty punished but does not think it fair to take action against of athletes, many of whom are innocent of any wrong doing, saying “Those who have nothing to do with it should not answer for those who are violating something. It’s not fair and it’s not right.”


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