Mariano Rajoy punched in Galicia

© European Union flickr
Mariano Rajoy.

UPDATE: An update from the Popular Party (PP) with regards to the attack on Mariano Rajoy has indicated that the young man who attacked him is distantly related to Mr Rajoy’s wife. The deceased grandmother of the boy, who is currently detained for a maximum of six months for psychiatric review, was an “indirect” relative of Mr. Rajoy’s also deceased father-in-law, which means that the Prime Minister’s wife’s father was a cousin of his attacker’s grandmother.

SPANISH Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy was assaulted during an election walkabout in Pontevedra Galicia on the afternoon of December 16 when a young man in the crowd, under the pretence of taking a selfie with the Prime Minister, punched Mr. Rajoy in the face, breaking his spectacles.

According to a spokesman he has not suffered any serious injuries and he continued his walkabout, visibly shaken but without his glasses.


Mr. Rajoy’s security guards jumped on the man, who also attempted to assault one of the agents, and arrested him.

A video of the attack posted on YouTube by the Diario de Pontevedra shows the young man, said to be aged 17, just to the left of the Prime Minister suddenly punch him in the face, knocking off his glasses.

PSOE leader Pedro Sánchez offered him the Socialist Party’s support saying “We condemn the attack Mariano Rajoy has suffered this evening”, whilst Pablo Iglesias and Albert Rivera both sent the Prime Minister text messages of support after the attack.


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