Mijas boardwalk gets some TLC

By Tyk, Wikimedia Commons
La Cala de Mijas.

MIJAS’ wooden coastal path is currently receiving some TLC from municipal carpenters and painters who are working to repair damage and protect it for the future.

Work began on a stretch of path along La Luna beach, and was then to spread to other areas and eventually covered the entire five kilometre path, the council reported. The work includes repairing or replacing damaged wood before sanding it all down and applying a special water-based protective varnish meant to last two years.

Work coordinator Daniel Gomez Teruel explained: “We’ve searched and this was the best product we could find on the market. Obviously as the wood is outdoors, near the sea and used by hundreds of people we will need to keep a careful eye out, but we hope this work will greatly reduce future damage.”



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