Isabel Pantoja granted more lenient jail regime

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ISABEL PANTOJA, a well-known Spanish singer serving a two-year jail sentence in Alcala de Guadaira, Sevilla, has had a request for a more lenient regime accepted by Section Two of Malaga Provincial Court.

The court, the one that sent her to jail in the first place for money-laundering during her relationship with former Marbella mayor Julian Muñoz (who was also jailed), accepted Pantoja’s appeal against a decision by Sevilla’s Pentitentiary Surveillance Court to turn down a regime of semi-freedom.

The judge stated that the singer deserved the change in regime for her good behaviour and repentance, and decided that she has sufficient income from her professional activities and support from her family. 


The fact that she has paid €747,148 of her €1.147 billion fine was also in her favour.


  1. Its amazing what you can get when you have lots of money and are famous.She is nothing more than another criminal so why else would she be granted special privileges? Smells to high hell of corruption to me.


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