Orang-utan goes ape over magic trick


A VIDEO depicting a man showing a magic trick to an orang-utan in a Barcelona zoo is going viral as it is so appealing and yet expresses the innocent enjoyment of the ape.

The man holds a polystyrene cup towards the glass of the enclosure and places a small fruit or nut of some sort into the cup and then puts on the lid whilst the orang-utan watches closely.

He then moves the cup out of sight of the animal and removes the contents, replaces the lid and puts it back down in front of the glass after shaking it.


The man then removes the lid and holds the cup to the glass showing that it is now empty. At first there is no response from the animal but it suddenly appears to realise what has happened, opens its mouth and seems to laugh, then grabs hold of a foot and falls backwards.

All in all a very cute relief from all of the bad news that seems to be prevalent these days.

© Dan Zaleski


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