Geneva alert – Hunt for four terror suspects

© Thorkild Tylleskar, Wikipedia

FOUR terror suspects are being hunted by police in Switzerland whom they believe may be connected to the recent Paris attacks killing 130 people last month.

The United Nations complex in Geneva´s entry points are being surrounded 24/7 by armed guards carrying MP5 sub machine guns. 

In the wake of increasing numbers of terror threats and incidents across European capitals, the Swiss national security alert level has also been raised, say reports.


The city´s police have increased their level of vigilance as well as police numbers on the ground as a result of data given by Swiss Federal authorities to officers.

This action follows the arrest in Spain of two suspected jihadists, both Moroccan, on suspicion of being members of terrorist organisation Daesh. According to Spanish police, the two had been forming a sophisticated global network of indoctrination and recruitment of new followers.

Spanish authorities have detained 100 suspected terrorist supporters in 2015.

Anti-terrorism police in London have also treated the stabbing at East London´s tube station, Leytonstone, as a terrorist incident.

The MP5 sub machine guns are widely used by the Special Forces for their compactness and reliability.


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