Two more suspected jihadists arrested in Spain

Photo Courtesy of National Police showing the arrest of one of the suspects.

THE General Information Office of the National Police in Catalonia and the Canary Islands has announced that officers on December 8 arrested two Moroccans, a man and a woman, one in Mataro (Barcelona) and the other in Pájara (Fuerteventura) on suspicion of being members of Daesh.

According to the National Police, the two had organised a sophisticated global network of recruitment, indoctrination and recruitment of new followers for the jihadist cause, and kept in constant contact with other operating members of Daesh in Syria.

The members of this cell are reported as having made a public oath of loyalty to the terrorist organisation and its leader Abu Baker Al Baghdadi, as well as using the internet to promote radical ideas, to praise the activities of terrorists and to disseminate advice on how to handle explosives and firearms so that converts do not have to travel to Iraq or Syria for training. 


The Spanish authorities have now detained 100 suspected terrorist supporters so far in 2015, and will continue to investigate any and all suspected of having similar views.


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