Inquest into death of four in Gibraltar commences

© M S Bueno Wikimedia

THE people of Gibraltar were staggered in March of this year to learn of the death by stabbing of a woman aged 31, two children aged 4 and six weeks and a man aged 37, in property on Boschetti’s steps, and there was much discussion as to whether the deaths were caused by a fifth person or by one of the adults who had died.

The inquest into their deaths opened on December 7, and the pathologist advised that the woman and two children had died due to stab wounds to the heart whilst the man died after his throat was cut which can be “typical of self-inflicted wounding” and went on to indicate that the man may have “died at some stage after the other three”.

The inquest is likely to continue for the rest of the week before the coroner’s findings are announced.



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