€110,000 found floating down the River Danube

Wikimedia Commons
River Danube.

POLICE in Austria are trying to discover how more than €110,000 ended up floating down part of the River Danube over the weekend on December 5.

Police investigations haven´t as yet uncovered any related criminal activity, and no one has reported the money to be lost.

One youngster was spotted in the river trying to retrieve some of the €100 and €500 denomination banknotes.  The boy is now trying to claim a 5 to 10 per cent share of the money for finding it and taking it to the police. 


A Police spokesman in Vienna has said that there is a question as to who actually found the money, was it the boy or the police?  Should the money remain unclaimed after a year, then the finder has the right to receive the full amount.


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