Prime Minister Rajoy wows crowds in Malaga


SPANISH Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy paid Malaga City’s popular Calle Larios a visit on Thursday (December 3) where he was received by crowds of fans and selfie-seekers.

Kisses, hugs, photos and cheers were the name of the day as the current PM, who is running for re-election with Partido Popular party in the December 20 general elections, slowly made his way along the pedestrian street, stopping off to have photos taken and be hugged along the way. 

At one point along the route a lottery vendor stopped Rajoy to have his photo taken with him, then gave him a free ticket and wished him the best of luck.


After arriving at about 6.15pm and taking an hour and a half to walk the length of the street accompanied by other PP politicians and local authorities, admiring the Christmas lights along the way, the group moved on to Café Central for chocolate and churros before heading off to the Palacio de Ferias y Congresos for an official event to mark the start of the election campaign.

Asked by a fan along the way what he thought of the atmosphere in Malaga, the PM was quick to reply “it’s very good, I’d happily stay here.”

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