Foreigners who aren’t willing to integrate not tolerated by locals

© Flickr by Eric Parker.
NEGATIVITY BREWS: Locals are not as positive about the foreigners living and working in the Balearics anymore.

A recent survey conducted by the Gadeso Foundation shows Mallorca and the surrounding islands to be less tolerant towards foreigners than in recent years.  The negativity on immigration issues has grown whilst the positive response shown in recent years dropped somewhat. 

The survey shows that 89% of locals want to deport all immigrants from Spain who don’t have their papers in order.  It was also found that 82% of locals feel that there is an excess of expats living and working in the Balearics.

On those immigrants who have the right to be in Spain, 82% expressed negative opinions  such as immigrants occupying local jobs.  Only 18% were positive with comments such as immigrants doing the work no-one else wants to do.  


An opinion shared by the majority was that if an immigrant commits an offence then that person should be deported immediately.




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