Moroccan man arrested by Guardia Civil in Pamplona

© Courtesy of Guardia Civil
Guardia Civil officer viewing computer activity.

THE Guardia Civil arrested a 32-year old Moroccan man resident in Pamplona early on Tuesday December 1 ‘who had begun preparations to travel to Syria with the intention of joining the ranks of DAESH’, the Spanish Home Office said in a statement. 

The man had ‘aroused the suspicion’ of the Guardia Civil intelligence branch after showing ‘clear signs of radicalisation’ including changing his appearance, changing his friendships and breaking relations with close family members ‘because of his adhesion to the radical ideological programme’. 

The Home Office statement said he managed a restaurant where he “intensified his viewing of news and videos related to DAESH’ and ‘used said establishment to spread, among a group of clients he selected, the recordings he downloaded, among which were photos, videos and links to access DAESH publications via social networks’. 


The Guardia Civil also mentioned that according to information uncovered by their investigation, they believed that the man was actively involved in recruiting people to send to Syria.


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