Local children learn about flamenco

FLAMENCO DAY: Bringing musical culture closer to youths.

NIJAR Town Hall took part in the Flamenco Day organised at local schools in an aim to bring Andalucian musical culture closer to youths. 

The event, in collaboration with El Morato flamenco group, was held at the Andalucia and Juan Sebastian Elcano schools in San Isidro, the Atalaya de la Villa in Nijar, and the Concordia and Libertad schools in Campohermoso. 

Experts El Niño de las Cuevas and Anabel Castillo explained about flamenco music to the schoolchildren, who were captivated with their talks and actively took part in clapping, singing and even dancing.


The local councillor for Culture, Yolanda Lozano, said it is important for children to learn about the art of flamenco, so they can appreciate it correctly and be involved with something which is part of their culture and their roots. 


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