Parents ask for children to be given less homework

POPULAR TOPIC: Parents believe that children should have homework reduced so they have more time to have fun and be children.

After the recent international day for children, parents have once again raised the issue regarding homework, asking for children to be given less, so they have more time to have fun, and be children. 

The mayor of Alicante, Gabriel Echavarri asked the question in a plenary session at the town hall which was unusually filled with local students, asking for their vote on the popular subject.

The vote was a unanimous yes, the amount of homework children receive should be reduced.


The session was held to celebrate the International Children’s Day. Students from fourth to sixth grade from a number of schools around the city were in attendance, along with the mayor and councillors for education and youth. 

Among the topics brought up during the session were homework and their rights under the convention of children’s rights, including issues such as child protection.

 Some interesting points were raised by students that demonstrated some of their social awareness, including  ‘Can a refugee child be adopted?’ 

The students also raised concerns about discrimination based on skin colour, religion or nationality, as well as the importance of children’s voices being heard.  


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