Osborne technicians sent to inspect headless bull


ALMAYATE residents awoke to a surprise on Thursday, the Osborne bull located in the area was missing its head. Osborne technicians have been sent to find out what happened to the bull.

Located on a rock near the old N-340 motorway, the bull´s head wasn´t ripped off but rather folded over. The mayor of Velez-Malaga, Antonio Moreno Ferrer said that the town council is investigating what happened to the popular billboard.  

Authorities confirmed that the bull would be repaired as soon as possible.  However, the possibility of vandalism has not been entirely ruled out and as a result the police have been alerted.


In Almayate on Thursday the bull was the talk of the town.  Local resident Antonio Martin observed that the bull had been graffitied before, but ‘it had never lost its head.’

A little about the bull

The Almayate bull weighs 4,000 kilos, is 14 metres tall, and covers a surface of 150 metres square. Osborne says that the bull is a true engineering triumph. The mooring, which supports the metal turrets, is made up of 6 cubic metres of concrete. To put together the pieces, more than a thousand holes are made and then filled with double nut screws, and then the bull is polished off with more than 50 kilos of paint.

90 in all of Spain

Initially an advertising campain, the bull has since become a part of the Spanish landscape.  Currently there are 90 in all of Spain.  

Osborne is a family-run Spanish company, which makes and sells a wide range of food and drink products.


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