Fabian Picardo returned as Chief Minister of Gibraltar

© HM Government of Gibraltar
Sealed ballot boxes being removed for the count.

WITH tellers counting overnight, the news was released the day after the election on November 27 that the GSLP Liberal alliance was re-elected as the Government of Gibraltar with a total share of 68.5 percent of votes cast, although the turnout was the lowest since 1980 with only 16,475 people bothering to vote.

Each of the parties fielded 10 candidates for the 17 available seats so there were bound to be three disappointed people. In an unusual turn of events, the ten candidates with the most votes were all from the Alliance with the Chief Minister receiving the highest number of votes 10,852 whilst GSD leader Daniel Feetham came eleventh with 5,054.

Obviously pleased with the result, Fabian Picardo is reported to have remarked, ‘we are humbled by this victory and will not be bloated by it.’



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