Dylan Moran comes to Malaga


IRISH comedian Dylan Moran will be bringing his ‘Off the Hook’ tour to Spain next week playing dates in Malaga, Madrid and Barcelona.

The star of Black Books and Shaun of the Dead will play live at Malaga’s La Cochera Cabaret on Wednesday December 2 at 9m with tickets costing €21.

His well-received tour first hit the UK in spring and has since seen him bring his unique brand of existential comedy across Europe from St Petersburg to Kiev.


The travails and pitfalls of middle age are up for grabs as a more mature Moran brings new struggles to light since his 2011 ‘Yeah Yeah’ tour took the UK by storm.

The 44-year-old won the ‘So You Think You’re Funny?’ award at the Edinburgh Fringe in 1993 and has since been rated the 14th greatest comedy stand-up by the UK’s Channel 4.

Since the success of Black Books, Moran has branched out into film with Irish black comedy Calvary and 2007’s Run Fatboy Run.

Seating at all events will be unallocated and will work on a first come first served basis. Tickets are available online at the Festival Internacional de Comedia website.


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