ISIS video threatens France

SC / YouTube

A NEW video posted on YouTube on November 23, shows a bearded militant, identified as Abu Tayssir El Faransi, demanding that the people of France should tell their government to withdraw from the war in Syria unless they want to suffer more terrorist attacks.

Speaking in French, in the video which has been posted by Europa Press the man says “Know that this is not the last operation, it’s not our last meeting…unless…unless you pressure your government as the Spanish people did several years ago against the war in Iraq.”

This is a direct reference to the bombing of multiple trains in Madrid on March 11 2004, just three days before the Spanish general election. Having promised that his party would withdraw from Iraq, José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero was duly elected and within just over one month had complied with his promise.


Whether this threat to the people of France will have any effect remains to be seen, but with the general mood of governments around the world, it seems unlikely.

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  1. This stupid man should realise that he and his patriots started the war with France themselves, in the first place, so to ask France to pull out of it is absolutely ridiculous! Stop doing what you are doinand NOBODY will be at war with you.

  2. This silly excuse for a human needs to realise that he and his terrorist friends started the war in France themselves. So tellinFrance to withdraw from the war is so amazingly contradictive, it is almost funny. He needs to be told that if they stop their illegal antics that MURDER hundreds of innocent citizens, there would be no war with any country.


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