Dogs allowed on buses in Palma

© By Paucabot, Wikimedia Commons

PALMA City Hall has extended the permission for dogs to travel on buses to four more routes. According to the Councillor for Mobility, Joan Ferrer, dogs will now also be able to travel on routes 1, 3, 15 and 21. 

Dogs are already allowed on routes 20, 30 and 2, as the EMT (Municipal Transport Company) was the first in Spain to allow the measure, which is being followed by Zaragoza, Santiago de Compostela, Madrid and Barcelona. The plan is to extend the measure to all EMT routes in Palma. 

The service is currently in the experimental stage and could be changed to meet demand. Since the first bus was opened to dogs in November 2013 on route 30, ticket sales have risen constantly.




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