Lifeline for Marbella homeowners revealed

SENATE VOTE: Maura Hillen, Phil Smalley, Antonio Vilela and Gerardo Vazquez.

HOMEOWNERS in Marbella whose planning permission is in doubt could be thrown a lifeline.

Maura Hillen is President of Almeria-based AUAN, which has fought the corner of owners who purchased homes that turned out to be illegal.

“Thanks to various associations and a PSOE initiative in the Senate, the citizens of Marbella have been given a lifeline that they may not know about,” she said. 


The new law came into force on October 1. It states that when a judge or tribunal orders the demolition of a property that has been declared illegal, ‘sufficient guarantees’ of compensation must be provided first.

Maura Hillen said: “We suggest those affected consult their lawyers.”


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