Record participation at the annual fiestas in Benidorm

Sainsbury's bans sale of fireworks ahead of bonfire night
Sainsbury's bans sale of fireworks ahead of bonfire night

BENIDORM Fiestas Councillor Jesus Carrobles has declared that the recent festival celebrating the town’s patron saint enjoyed a record turnout.

Accompanied by good weather, the week-long festival saw a huge number of visitors, from both the local and nearby towns as well as foreign tourists, many of whom had flown over especially to be a part of the festivities. 

Some were keen to participate in the the annual fancy dress party and others to watch the football match being hosted in Alicante between Spain and England. 


Councillor Carrobles remarked that there were very few complaints, most of which are normally regarding noise and fireworks, and that the week passed without any significant incidents. Security had been tightened and there had been  better planning, with many of the major parties taking place during the day rather than really late at night. 

The events of the week were also closely followed on social media sites, with the Facebook page of the City of Benidorm receiving more than 400,000 ‘likes’ during the period, the photo galleries sparking the most amount of interest among users, with 14,920 interactions on the page. 

The Twitter account was also extremely popular, with a surge in interest and tweets increasing by 151 per cent over the period. 


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