Mijas stray cats being neutered

© Vladimir Arndt, Shutterstock.
STRAY CATS: Keeping the colonies under control.

Mijas Health councillor, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, has announced that the council and local animal groups have started working together to neuter stray cats in an aim to control the number of the animals. 

“Not long ago I had a meeting with representatives from animal groups and they all said they were worried about the stray cat colonies. They all asked us to neuter them. So we reached an agreement: the local animal centre collects them, neuters them and then the groups release them again in the area they were collected from,” the councillor explained.

This new system has been put into place and the first batch of cats has already been released following successful operations.


“Thanks to the animal groups and Canes, which runs the municipal collection and neutering service, we will be able to keep the colonies under control,” Gonzalez said.

Over the next few days, Canes will continue collecting strays. First they clean and worm them and offer them up for adoption. If a home isn’t found they are neutered and taken back to where they were collected from.

The Health councillor said locals should contact Mijas Local Police if they find new stray cats in order to help them carry out the new initiative.



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