Health lecture to address neurological diseases


On Thursday November 12 at the Auditorium of the Mediterranean in La Nucia, there were a briefing on health in English on the subject of Neurological diseases in the population and the benefits of a macrobiotic diet.

A free lecture organised by the Department of Foreign Residents, it will be given by the neurologist nutritionists Miriam Lezcano and Mario Lopez.

Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke’s and their symptoms, diagnosis, treatment and care will be addressed in this conference along with other diseases that affect health.


The benefits of a macrobiotic diet as the basis for a healthy life will also be explained, including the role of macrobiotics, major foods and ways to cook healthier. The subject of the most beneficial foods will also be discussed for dealing with illnesses and issues including diabetes, cholesterol or hypertension.

This talk was intended to prevent these diseases and help those who are already suffering.



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