ENDESA has chosen Carboneras as new location for redistribution of coal

© imatik

ENDESA electrical giant has chosen Carboneras as the new location for its main reception and redistribution centre for the coal that is used by its power stations in Spain.

This was done in Tarragona in the past, but now the company has decided to move operations to the Endesa-Pucarsa owned port in Carboneras and will be investing €15 million in the project.

Trinidad Cabeo, head of the port authority, reported that goods traffic to Carboneras port was already on the up and has said this investment and activity will serve to increase growth even more.


Endesa is also currently preparing an ambitious modernisation project at its centre in Carboneras to adapt it to EU environmental guidelines which will provide work for hundreds of locals.

Although initially the village earned its name from its first inhabitants’ fondness for making charcoal, Carboneras looks set to see its name make even more sense as the company’s Spanish coal centre.



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