Terrorist blows himself up in South East Turkey

Turkey Valery Shanin Shutterstock
Gaziantep Turkey Image: Shutterstock

THE Turkish news agency Dogan has released news that a man, believed to be associated with ISIS, blew himself up and injured four police officers on November 15, in the town of Gaziantep close to the border with Syria.

On the previous day, the state-run news agency Anatolia revealed that four suspected ISIS militants, travelling by car, were shot dead by the Turkish army when they approached a military checkpoint in the same town and police also arrested seven suspected ISIS in Ankara.

Turkey is hosting the two day summit of the G20 group which would normally concentrate on economic matters but with the absence of the French president and the attacks in Paris, the focus of the meeting has shifted to the matter of organised terrorism.


Turkey itself suffered a double suicide bombing as recently as October 10, when 102 people at a peace rally in Ankara were killed.


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