Too many police officers are currently in Palma prison

CORRUPT POLICE: Many are suspected to be working while off on sick leave.

IN the past few months, seven Palma Local Police officers have been sent to prison.

They are accused of operating as a criminal organisation and along with two National Police officers, are in a special module which has been created provisionally as the prison did not have an area for police. The directors of the prison have said that their behaviour is correct and that they are not allowed to mix with other inmates for their own safety.

The prison may request for them to be transferred to the mainland if any more police officers are sent to join them.


In 2009, a report revealed corruption within Palma Local Police force including the names of some of the recently arrested officers.

A high level of absenteeism was noted and many officers were suspected to be working in other matters while on sick leave and still receiving their salary from the city hall. 

The mayor at the time, Aino Calvo, ordered an investigation into the behaviour of 20 officers, which confirmed that more than half of them were involved in illegal businesses. The investigation, carried out by a private detective and other officers, cost around €30,000.


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