There’s a booming trade in contraband mushrooms

© George Chernilevsky.

THERE’s more contraband in Almeria than the cigarettes, loose tobacco and phony designer clothes which were recently confiscated at the Port.

The Guardia Civil are also hot on the heels of the clandestine traders who are currently stripping the sierras of saffron milkcap mushrooms.

As reported in the Euro Weekly News they recently impounded 632 kilos in Bayarcal, Fiñana and Gador. To that must now be added a further 619 kilos taken from the Sierra Nevada foothills and the area around Tabernas.


Patrols in Abrucena, Fiñana and Aulago stopped 32 people who were subsequently fined for collecting more than the daily five kilos per person that the law permits.


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