Major attacks in Paris November 13


ACCORDING to official reports on the evening of November 13, a shooting has taken place in a restaurant in Paris with an unidentified man using an automatic gun either in or around the Cambodge restaurant and a BBC reporter in the vicinity has indicated that he has seen as many as 10 people in the road who are either dead or injured.

In a separate incident, an explosion is said to have taken place in a bar near the Stade de France where the French soccer team were hosting Germany. French President Francois Hollande who was attending the match was apparently evacuated from the area.

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There is also a report of a third incident with a shooting near the Bataclan arts centre.

At the time of writing this, the overall death toll is reported as having reached 26.

Latest reports indicate that there is a battle between police and up to eight terrorists. There are also up to 60 hostages at the Bataclan who were attending a gig by the Eagles of Death Metal.

Further updates state that terrorists stormed the concert hall using guns and hand grenades leaving 118 people confirmed dead, 7 seriously injured and 4 wounded at the Bataclan theatre, Boulevard Voltaire.

The French Government are urging the people of Paris to stay home and stay safe as France’s President issues a state of emergency, closing the nation’s borders. Kind Parisians are opening the doors to their homes to the tourists and non-French speakers via social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook using the hastags #PorteOuverte #OpenDoor #OffeneTüren #PuertaAbierta.  

Reports from the Stade de France, Saint-Denis emergency services have confirmed 4 dead, 11 seriously injured and 39 wounded. Rue Bichat confirm 14 dead, 10 seriously injured and 10 wounded so far.

Latest updates from Charonne states 19 dead, 13 seriously injured and 10 wounded, whilst Avenue de la Republique confirms 4 dead, 11 seriously injured and 10 wounded, with Beaumarchais reporting 3 seriously injured and 4 wounded. Overall, the death toll has risen to around 120 and according to official reports, the French army has around 1,500 soldiers deployed across the capital.





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