Jewellery factory misfortune

CAFÉ BREAK: An amusing experience.

Some days are great and everything is perfect. Others… well, my fervent wish is that I had stayed in bed.

We recently returned from a week on the lovely island of Mallorca, which, amongst other things, is synonymous with a certain brand of high quality pearl jewellery.  

My wife is a fan and naturally a trip to the factory shop in Manacor was high on the princess’s priority list.

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We wandered around the premises for some time admiring their comprehensive collection.  The flexible friend in my wallet was exhausted, our companions had expressed interest in taking a coffee break, and I had a desire to attend the little boy’s room.

For convenience I had attached my camera to the belt on my shorts before leaving home, but I had not taken this into account as I loosened my clothing, because as soon as I unbuttoned, the extra weight conveyed my shorts to the floor.

As I was pulling up my Primark’s best, the door opened revealing a man frozen in his tracks at the sight before him. 

 The situation was made worse by the fact that I was sporting my Flintstone underpants and the newcomer was greeted by buttocks portraying a grinning Barney Rubble.

In the haste to hike up my errant Bermudas, I banged my forehead forcibly on the urinal and in staggering backwards, inadvertently dislodged my Ray-Ban shades which fell with a plop into the aforementioned piece of porcelain because, yup, the drain was blocked. 

Gingerly holding my dripping sunglasses and forcing a nonchalant whistle, I rinsed them under the hot tap, which predictably produced only cold water. My erstwhile companion in the meantime had scarpered without even bothering to wash his hands.

I joined my good lady and our friends in the café, where I recounted my bathroom experience much to everyone’s amusement and as they laughed at my misfortune, a familiar but nervous looking gentleman approached our table and asked what we would like to order. 

“Just coffee, no food!” I whispered to the others.


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