Sevilla mother arrested for selling daughter’s naked photos and videos

© Policia - Ministerio del Interior.

A WOMAN has been arrested in Sevilla for allegedly taking photos and videos of her daughters naked and selling them on the internet.

In September, a 15-year-old girl and her mother’s ex went to a police station in the city to report the 41-year-old woman, claiming she had been forcing her three daughters, aged between seven and 15, and another girl to pose for erotic photos.

In the beginning, the teenager told the police, her mother said they were for a modelling agency which needed to see them in underwear and naked.


Yet as time went by, the girl realised that her mother was selling them. When confronted, she allegedly told her daughters she needed money to feed them and it was the only way, and beat them with a stick if they refused to pose.

The woman was arrested on October 15 for alleged child pornography and a restricting order issued to stop her approaching the children. 

Further investigations led to the arrest of a 49-year-old man on October 22 who is believed to have paid for the pictures.



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