Children denied education in Castillian

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A WOMAN has complained that her children cannot be schooled in the Castillian language in the Balearic Islands despite the recommendations of speech therapists.

For the past two years, the children had been receiving classes in Castillian six hours per week at the Ponent School in Inca.

The family has requested that this continue; however, the school has said that due to political changes, schooling will only be in Catalan. Back in 2012, they had problems with the school after they requested schooling in their mother tongue. According to the Balearic Circle Foundation, the school has invited the family to leave and suggested that the children attend a school which costs €1,700 per year.


The Minister for Education, Culture and Sport, Iñigo Mendez de Vigo, has promised to contact the mother and guarantee the family’s right to choose the education they want for their children.


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