“Sexist Terrorism” turns Madrid streets Purple


THOUSANDS of protesters marched through the streets of Madrid on Saturday November 7, protesting that a stronger stand must be taken against Gender Violence.

An estimated 20,000 people – predominantly women – took part in Saturday’s march to condemn violence against women and highlighting the fact that almost 1400 victims have been killed by their current or former partners since 1995.

The rally, organised by feminist groups, was attended by representatives of the main political parties including Pablo Iglesias of Podemos, and Pedro Sanchez from the PSOE.


Activists lay on the ground clad in black in remembrance of hundreds of women who have been murdered over the years in what they described as ‘sexist terrorism,’ while calls were made that laws against domestic abuse should be extended to include all violence against women.

Mayor of Barcelona, Ada Colau, who marched alongside her Madrid counterpart Manuela Carmena, to support the campaign, said, “If this violence was exercised against men, the country would be militarised.”

The sea of purple t-shirts saw the march started by Angela Gonzalez, whose daughter was murdered by her former husband.

Although a survey by the EU estimated that 13 million woman in Europe experienced physical violence in 2013, it suggests the problem is less prevalent in Spain than other European countries.

However, domestic violence, or Gender violence as it is referred to in Spain, is forefront in the public eye at the moment, and the rally has succeeded in reaffirming the issue on the political agenda – just six weeks before the general elections.


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