Ciudadanos promise a new start for Spain as general election campaigning gain momentum

© Carlos Delgado Wikipedia
Ciudadanos Leader Albert Rivera

CIUDADANOS, one of the contenders in this year´s Spanish general elections on December 20, has vowed to bring an end to corruption in Spain while making new jobs and reforming the education sector.

Ciudadanos is the fastest growing party in Spain and their economic spokesman Luis Garicano said,”There are things that require (new) laws, and that should be discussed and agreed, but there are plenty of things that are just a question of political will, and can be changed at no cost at the start of the legislature.”

The party may form an alliance with the incumbent People´s Party or the Socialists as the bid for power continues in the country.


Garicano, is seen as being in line to be the economy minister for Ciudadanos and has vowed to replace Spain’s two-tier labour market if the party are successful.


  1. Well someone needs to do something here as none of the current politicians seem to have a clue to do anything other than charge high wages and bump up high pensions for themselves! The problem is whoever is going to try and do something needs to get their finger out, I really doubt a political party starting a major push forward a month or so before an election is kind of leaving things more than a little late, I personally haven’t seem much propaganda by Ciudadanos and I would have thought there should have been a major push to try and grab the countries people from at least 6 months ago, in fact that was probably a good time as that seemed to be when Podemos where starting to loose grip on peoples faith because of their involvement in corruption.
    Whoever wins needs to change the labour laws and system totally for this country to start to get back on its feet, at the same time they need to get rid of all the individual regional governments except Catalan and Basque and get rid of all the outdated garbage that fills the political sector. Gosh… come to think of it, there is so much that needs to be done to sort this country out it might not be even worth the effort of even trying.

    Quick solution, sack all regional politicians, sack all local police, one parliament in Madrid, one law for whole country, town halls not allowed to create by laws, all laws made from central government, 1days pay for 1 days work, officials are penalised for not doing their job (not the company/town hall/organisation they work for), people can be sacked without compensation….. that would be a good start, the other things could probably then be sorted after the latter has been put in place… easy!


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