Boy arrested for violence and gun possession

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MIJAS police have arrested a 14-year-old boy for allegedly acting violently towards his mother and possessing a gun.

The boy’s mother initially reported to the National Police in Benalmadena (where the family had previously lived) that her son had been missing for two days. When he eventually appeared at home in the early hours of the morning, the woman called the Guardia Civil saying that he had insulted, threatened and pushed her after she told him off for staying away from home for so long.

Although a patrol was immediately sent to the Mijas home, the boy had already left and searches were launched which tracked him down in Benalmadena hours later.


The mother, the Guardia Civil reported, handed over a gun she had found in the teenager’s bedrooms some days beforehand and hidden from him.

When questioned, the boy reported that he had found the gun lying on the street.

Investigations are underway to determine how he got his hands on the gun and whether it has been used in a crime.

In July, the Guardia Civil found a stash of weapons and ammunition in the boot of a BMW which had been parking in a Mijas Costa urbanisation for a month.


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