Another life lost at Las Negras beach

LAS NEGRAS: Can be dangerous when Levante blows

A 22-YEAR-OLD German drowned while swimming at Las Negras beach in Nijar.

The alarm was raised in the early evening when he and another swimmer were clearly in trouble owing to the heavy swell and strong Levante wind. Those present helped one of them ashore but the other man was brought unconscious from the water. Witnesses said afterwards that two doctors present on the beach tried unsuccessfully to resuscitate him as they waited for the emergency services.

Fourteen people have drowned while swimming in Almeria province this year and many of the deaths occurred at Cabo de Gata-Nijar beaches. “Las Negras is dangerous when Levante blows and you should never try to fight the currents there,” said Victor Torres, director of a local diving school who helped other people to reach the shore that same evening.



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