Accidents on the island

© Anna Lurye, shutterstock

A DRIVER, 20, was injured when he swerved his car to avoid a vehicle on Son Oms Industrial Estate and ended up hitting three parked cars in his attempt to avoid an accident.

He told police that a vehicle had failed to give way to him and when he swerved, his foot got caught on the accelerator. He damaged three vehicles before the hire car he was driving overturned. He was taken to hospital. Meanwhile, on the road between s’Arenal de Llucmajor and Cala Blava, a driver, 45, lost control of his vehicle which flipped over several times before end up overturned in a ditch.

He was treated at the scene for slight injuries and when Guardia Civil arrived, he refused to take a breath test. He showed signs of being drunk and was charged for refusing. He was then taken to Son Llatzer Hospital. In Palma, an Ecuadorian ‘vampire’ was arrested after causing an accident. He was travelling with another man and two women, all of them dressed as vampires for Halloween, in the early hours of the morning, and lost control of the vehicle. He crashed into three parked cars. When paramedics arrived they found the four covered in blood, which turned out to be part of their fancy dress disguise



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