Copper wire theft leaves town without telephone service

TELECOMMUNICATIONS: Mayor calling for fibre optics to be installed

Thieves have stolen 1,000 metres of copper cable recently, effectively disabling the entire town of Vall de Laguar’s telecommunications systems.

This is the third time in just 20 days that the thieves have stolen the cabling from the town in Orba, more than 3,000 metres were taken over two successive nights at the beginning of October. The town’s 1,000 residents have been left in a precarious situation, with older residents not able to call anyone if they need help and businesses, banks, pharmacies left without communications.

Mayor Paco Gilabert has stated that he has spoken to the telephone company; however, they deny that they are to blame for the situation but do agree that an urgent solution must be found to resolve the problem. Telephone operators have already begun replacing the stolen wiring, which previously took up to one week to complete.


The mayor has called for the installation of fibre optics and wireless telephone systems as an alternative since he says they do not always want to be worrying about the possibility of the thieves returning. Residents are requesting that there is a heavier Guardia Civil presence to deter the thieves from repeating the crimes.


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