Fiesta Del Toston

ROASTING CHESTNUTS: People of Marbella take a trip into the countryside to celebrate All Saints Day

WHILST other towns and cities in Spain celebrate All Saints Day in their own way, the people of Marbella enjoy the Fiesta Del Toston whereby, according to tradition, they take a trip to the countryside on November 1 with bags of chestnuts which they roast.

It is of course an excuse to drink, sing and dance, but the authorities are understandably worried about the risk of fire breaking out (assuming that the heavy rain doesn’t continue). A number of towns in the area have declared that they will start the celebrations early, but the authorities wish to ensure that there are no problems with fires getting out of control and are putting special measures into place from 3pm on Friday October 30 until 8pm on Sunday November 1.

To ensure safety, Local, Regional and National Police, Civil Protection, Seprona-Guardia Civil, Fire, DYA and 112, as well as delegations of Parks and Gardens, Cleaning and Provincial Delegation of Environment will all be on alert. As well as the chestnut activities, many will also take the opportunity to visit cemeteries around the area to remember their departed.


The combined events may cause local diversions and road closures and those intending to participate would be well advised to check locally in advance.


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